Don Aretino X TUMULT

DIRECTION & CINEMATOGRAPHY TUMULT PRODUCTION COMPANY TUMULT FEATURING Don Aretino MODELS Muyao Zhan, Joseph Kampfman, Lie Ning LOCATION Die Platte PRODUCER  Patrick Jasim & Paola Calvo  OUTFITS & Styling Don Aretino  GAFFER Alexander Brack  VIDEO PROJECTION Gines Olivares MAKING OF Turk Lee EDIT & SOUNDDESIGN Ali Naddafi

Don Aretino, an avant-garde fashion designer, embarks on a poetic odyssey, unraveling his queer Muslim identity through unconventional fashion collections. Each creation, a symphony of fabric, becomes a manifesto, challenging the very tapestry of societal norms and unspoken taboos. Originating from the vibrant heart of Indonesia, now living in Berlin, Don wields the medium of fashion as a poetic palette, painting his identity and crafting artful social commentary.